Craig Corporate Advantage (CCA) was founded in 2014 by Dr. Carl Craig.  The company originated from a desire to leverage proven experience in successfully starting, growing and selling businesses for your benefit.  In his career, Dr. Craig has directed a number of functions in a number of business, from Quality, to Commercial Sales, and from Marketing, to Operations.  These experiences prepared him to become an entrepreneur and develop his first startup in 2000, and then to transition it successfully to publicly held enterprise in 2006.  Dr. Craig has successfully made the transition from employee to the “C” Suite and will use these experiences to help your company grow.  

Dr. Craig has served in primary operational roles (President and COO) for both Waters Analytical Standards and Reagents and Charles River Microbial Solutions Divisions respectively. These roles involved leading everything from financial transformations, to strategic development and realignment, including global expansion, infrastructure redevelopment, as well as M&A.

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No matter the stage of your business, from start up - to preparing for a liquidity event, from operational planning - to strategic realignment, Craig Corporate Advantage can assist you in executing the steps necessary for success.