Leadership and Management Training

The argument over whether leaders are born or developed is not going to be resolved here.  However, what is clear is that leaders need to continue to learn and managers must be capable to get the work required by the leaders completed through the efforts of others.  Understanding this symbiosis is very important.  Therefore, we evaluate your current leadership and management training and assist in developing a training strategy best suited for your organization.  Often this accompanies Organizational Design development.

I have had the honor of working with Dr. Carl Craig for many years and in different organizations. He is a consummate professional and fully understands the value of Leadership, Training, and Discipline. Carl utilizes leadership training along with real world experience to accelerate organizational success.
— Mitchell Ingram President TWI Training Solutions Inc.

How often have your felt that a training you spent money or time on was not hitting the intended mark?  Training strategies help focus efforts, saving time and money.