Strategic Planning

Companies are typically founded with a business plan, including Proforma financials and some capital.  The initial efforts are focused on hitting the plan to keep the business running through start-up and become cash flow positive. Once successfully through start up the business plan transitions to an annual operating plan. The third business phase is developing a strategic plan based on the business that was built versus the business that was initially anticipated. This strategic plan should guide the operating planning and decisions about the direction and investments in the business annually.

Strategic planning while important, often takes a back seat to the day to day rigors of operating the business.  Without a solid strategy, leadership falters, communication suffers and opportunities often languish. 

Carl is an outstanding executive who has the ability to quickly develop business strategy, and ensures those throughout the organization understand how to focus their tactics on supporting that strategy. To grow your organization, you need a sound strategy and when Carl is finished the strategy will be pressure tested, clear and achievable. In addition, the organization will be energized, engaged and empowered to deliver the desired strategic results.
— Bradley Devine, MBA, General Manager at Strategic Service Solutions, LLC

Let CCA help develop, evaluate, or upgrade your strategic plan.