Liquidity Events – Mergers and Acquisitions

If you are a business owner, one of the most daunting tasks you will ever face (after founding the company) is a successful transition or “liquidity event” for the original ownership. Many owners avoid this planning because it is not the right time; well the right time is now.

There are many factors in deciding what type of transition you should pursue.  They are all great options from family transitions, to employee buy-outs or outright sale of the company.  It is important to begin thinking about your plans sooner rather than later.  None of these happen overnight, they require years of preparation and planning.  Let us begin the discussions now.

Carl Craig, PhD is a Managing Director at 1stWEST Mergers & Acquisitions, an investment banking and M&A advisory provider. Dr. Craig focuses on technology and science-based businesses.

Carl was the first to introduce me to the process I would need to go through when selling my business. He said “It is never too early to prepare for the possibility of a sale”. Seemed like a lot to go through; however, in the end it was exactly as described and 18 months later my business sold.
— Lisa Stemmer, President of Parabella, Inc.